Chuck Anania

Being part of the HomeAdvisor network has added a level of distinction and credibility to our business.

Earl Zei

It’s not just the leads, but the HomeAdvisor people that make it a great partner.

Ellen King

Julio just finished fixing my garage door. He did a great job and was a very nice guy. Was very pleased and my friends are going to use B&H (Julio) to fix their garage doors. Thank you Julio & B&H.

Andy Williams

Julio came to my home, fixed my busted garage door motor, lubed everything up, and made sure that our car remotes were properly re-programmed. Nice guy, fast and good service. Thanks!


These guys deserve a 10 STAR… SERIOUSLY! They are very good.

Caryn Buchner Covill

The cable had snapped on my electric garage door opener. It was easy to schedule a repair appointment. On the day of my appointment, the repairman called me and told me he was running late due to another job taking longer than expected, and asked me if it was okay that he had to come later. It was fine with me, and I appreciated the call. When he got here he was very nice and promptly repaired my door. B&H Garage Doors had also originally installed our garage doors and openers. I would highly recommend them.